Tips in Finding the Best Auto Repair Shop in Calgary

Owning a car or any type of automotive vehicle is not all just about making sure the car is always clean and presentable.  If you are a responsible car owner, part of your duty will be to make sure your car is always in road-worthy condition.  Sometimes, failing to do preventive maintenance and repairs result in damages that are costlier than if you had just taken your car to an auto repair shop for preventive maintenance servicing.  If you live in the beautiful City of Calgary, finding the best Calgary auto repair shop may prove to be quite difficult as most repair shops there are all very competent and highly reputable.

Having your car maintained by a good mechanic from can greatly help in shaving off some of the potential costly breakdowns and repairs your car may develop, especially after having the car for several years already.  Just to give you an example, a failing shock absorber on the front right of the car should be replaced in pairs – replacing both the failing shock absorber and that of the other front wheel.

Driving a car with a busted right shock absorber will make the car lean a bit lower to the right, with the steering also veering slightly to the right when in motion.  Since replacing shock absorbers will always be in pairs – either both front or both back – opting not to have the maintenance repair done will prove to be a more costly endeavor on your part.

The thing is that, while this may not seem worrying when the shock exhibits strong bumps and slight veering of the cars forward direction since it can be claimed that the issue is somewhat tolerable and controllable, the repercussion of this neglect will however bring about premature wear and tear not just on the spring and bolts of the wishbone suspension that carry the right side of the engine bay, but also on the bushings installed there as they will wear much faster than that of the left.  Worst part is that you will still need to have the shocks replaced.

Auto repair shops that value their clients interest even if the client does not have any premise over the consequences of the repair work at hand, will try their utmost best to explain the potential outcome of their ‘will do for the meantime’ attitude.  By knowing the likely scenario of the damages that will occur along with the potential expenses that may transpire from the neglect, the move will most definitely be a convincing factor that anyone in the right mind would surely choose to spend now on repair works than spend more on collateral damages from the neglect later on.

For some people, it seems that good and decent auto repair shops are hard to come by.  However, by simply knowing the basic things to look for, you will have a better chance in finding an auto repair shop where you can be a regular or repeat client.  A few of the things to look for when seeking for a worthy auto repair shop where you can be a regular are:

  • License, certifications, affiliations, and accreditations are positive signs of competency, skills, experience, and knowhow in the automotive repair and servicing field.
  • Well-maintained and properly lit facility that accommodates work efficiency.
  • Giving of warranty for the services provided and the replacement part that have been installed.
  • The desire and willingness to go the extra mile to provide good and reliable service and customer satisfaction with all their clienteles.
  • Provision of written estimates on more complicated auto repair jobs and signed by both parties (shop/mechanic and client) involved. Verbal estimates are disputable which is why written estimates are better for both parties.
  • Replacement parts are properly documented whereas the replaced parts are shown and given back to the client.