Things To Do In Calgary This Weekend – October 2, 3, and 4, 2015

Calgary is the biggest city of Alberta and is also one of the most desirable places to live in.  Not only is the place and the people in this marvelous city great, but the economy of Calgary is also great.  In fact, the economy here is stupendously amazing that there is very little unemployment rate recorded here in the city.  At the end of 2014, the unemployment rate here is only 4.8 percent.  A figure that is much lower than the average 6.6 percent unemployment rate in all of Canada.

Living in Calgary is not all that fun and great if you are always cooped up inside your home all weekend. Boredom comes to each and every one of us and this will literally consume you during your weekend off from work unless you try and do something about it.  Of course, one of the best ways in relieving yourself from boredom is finding things you can do, such as going out and visiting entertainment places, events, social gatherings.

The truth is that there are literally a great number of things to do in Calgary this weekend.  If you have the time and energy to cover them all and are willing to spend money on fees and charges, you may just be able to experience one of the greatest fun-filled times in your life.  Here’s a brief listing on what you can do starting from Friday to Sunday, this weekend days of October 2, 3, and 4 of 2015.

  1. Bubble Guppies Live – the event takes place on October 3 from 1-4pm at the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium in NW Calgary. The event comprises of buildings within the quadrant opening their doors freely to the public and giving special tours that reveals some of the dynamic cityscape the City of Calgary possesses.
  2. ScreamFest – the event takes place on varying October dates with October 2 and 3 properly covering your weekend plan of exploring the City and its different venues and events. The ScreamFest event is scheduled for 7pm to 12 midnight at the Grandstand Building, Stampede Park, SE Calgary.  This event is basically an advanced celebration of Halloween and is filled with creepy entertainment and scare-themed carnival games.  There are also haunted houses to visit that will surely scare the pants out of those who are not brave enough to handle the scary programs of the event.
  3. Freaky Fridays – the event takes place on October 2 from 4-9pm at Cobb’s Corn Maze and Family Fun Park, NE Calgary. Being on corn maze in the dark can be a little bit creepy.  Using a flashlight, you need to maneuver your way out of the maze and then get to hitch a ride on a creepy tractor.  Two haunted houses await you along with a giant bonfire to help you keep warm.