Things Happening In Calgary

Calgary is a city that is a site to behold.  Not only is the architecture here beautiful, but living here is quite beautiful as well.  Of course, this is considering the fact that there are many employment opportunities here and that the unemployment rate in the City of Calgary scores a very low 4.8 percent, much lower than the average 6.6 percent covering all the major cities of Canada.  Needless to say, life is very plentiful here, especially when you consider that employee salaries do not get taxed here.  If you are just moving into this great city, you will be able to learn how to appreciate some of the finer as well as little things in life.

Calgary is without doubt a City that has a population uniquely its own.  Because of this, the creation of entertainment that is uniquely theirs while catering the particular likes and wants of individuals has created lots of fun-filled events, festivities, shows, entertainment, and many things happening in Calgary.  You will certainly not feel left off as there are surely things around there that are suited to your liking.  In fact, even the simplest of events can be turned into spectacular celebrations as long as you have masses of people who are willing to join in on the fun and celebration.

Among the things happening in Calgary this week, the popular events will include:

  1. YYC Pizza Week – celebration of this event starts from September 25th and lasts until the 4th of October. The event is basically a sequel from that of previous years and it involves celebrating for another year of delicious eating of pizza. Lasting 10 days, more than forty restaurants take part in the event as they try to put their very best efforts in creating not only the best, but also the most creative pizza.  The event is held primarily to provide support for the Calgary Meals on Wheels wherein part of the revenue or proceeds go to the Calgary Meals on Wheels.
  2. Annual Calgary International Film Festival – celebration of this event starts from September 23rd and ends on the 4th of October. This year, Calgary International Film Festival holds its 16th annual hosting of the event. The film critic review and awarding officials cover a great myriad of films with over 200 films from different genres.  The films come from more than 40 countries.  The 12-day event covers gala events, screenings, special presentations, and of course, the awarding ceremonies.  The event is actually a great moment and opportunity to actually see some of the well-known stars and celebrities.
  3. Last Outdoor Market of the Year 2015 – to be held on October 3rd, this event brings an end to the Farmer’s Market Season and what better way to celebrate it than with a bang of fun-filled celebration. Make sure to bring plenty of spare cash if you plan on going to the event as there will be tons of vendors, food trucks, and even live bands playing a great collection of music titles from different genres.