Living in Calgary

If you plan on living in Calgary, the city that lies at the southern part of the province of Alberta, it is only proper that you know certain things about the city before you finally stay and settle there.  After all, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if some of your friends or family decides to go there for a visit, trying to ask you little things like details and geographical aspects about the city you live in.  Living in Calgary is actually very rewarding as the people here have high spirits and are naturally good-natured.  This is the very reason why this city has the lowest crime rate when compared to other major cities in Canada. There is hardly a time in which you will actually regret living here.  In fact, you are likely to better appreciate moving here than anywhere else.

Here are some of the facts and features of Calgary that you may just want to remember.  It is up to you should you choose to remember them or not. Since this city will be your place of residence soon, knowing some of the facts and features of the city may actually come in handy.

  • Calgary sits on a vast plain that is usually of brown color and is situated on the southern part of Alberta. The brown coloration of the vast plain landscape is evident of the semi-arid nature of the land.
  • The city’s elevation is more than a kilometer high above sea level at 1,053 meters. Calgary happens to be the largest city in the province of Alberta with a population that is considered third largest in all of Canada. The population of the city is estimated to be at 1.4 million.
  • When you are in Calgary, you will get to experience long days during the summer seasons, and long nights during the winter season. The city has plentiful of sunshine throughout the year with very little rainfall experienced.
  • Calgary is the cowboy town of Alberta and is the very reason why Calgary has a ten-day event during summer, the month of June, where they celebrate rodeo and all things cowboy.
  • Calgary is considered to be one of Canada’s wealthiest cities. The low taxes here have brought multitude of businesses here.  Thanks to the massive share that Alberta receives in the oil industry, payroll here does not get taxed.  Employment opportunity in the city has been on a steady rise with lots of job openings that can be applied for.  The unemployment rate in Calgary is 4.8 percent, far lower than the 6.6 percent average in all of Canada.