Calgary Entertainment Guide

Calgary is a world-class city that is located on the southern part of Alberta.  It is the biggest city of the province and has the third largest municipality in all of Canada.  Calgary is clearly one of the cities you would want to live at as this place not only has the lowest unemployment rate in all of Canada, but the employees here also greatly benefit from their salaries being tax exempt.

The City of Calgary is one of the wealthiest in all of Canada’s major cities.  Part of the wealth comes from Alberta’s large share in the oil industry.  Believe it or not, Canada is one of the topmost producers and distributors of oil wherein a large share of that profit goes to the province of Alberta.  This richness in oil has enabled the city to reach economic success without having to rely on tax collections from the salaries of those who work here.  This is the very reason why salary here is tax exempt and why it is great to work and live here.

If you are not a native of Calgary and have just recently moved to this wonderful city, it will not come as strange or odd to try to find out about the entertainment stuff you can find out here.  As a human being, it is very normal for us to try to look for our means of entertainment.  Since the people of Calgary are all humans too, there is practically a great number of entertainment events that you can get to enjoy out here.  Our Calgary Entertainment Guide will provide you with some of the quirkiest and fun-filled entertainment stuff you can find around Calgary.

Calgary Stampede – a ten-day event that happens in early July showcasing Calgary’s overall fondness of all things cowboy.  The ten-day event is filled with entertainment ranging from rodeo events and wagon races to wacky exhibitions and fun-filled shows.

Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra – if you have an exquisitely refined taste in music, going to musical concerts performed by the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra will surely liven up your senses as the orchestra’s adeptness to the subtlest well-felt musical notes can put some tingle in your spine.  The music you will hear here are rated as world-class musical performance performed by world-class performers

Theater – if you prefer live theater act, then the Alberta Theater Projects will have you covered.  There are many different theatrical shows being performed there on a regular basis.  Even if you have strict preference in terms of theatrical themes you like watching, the assortment of theatrical shows being performed there that have been created by some of the brightest minds in Calgary theater will surely have something that you fancy.