Calgary City Entertainment Venues and Events

If you are not a local of Calgary and are basically just new to the place, moving in to your new place can be surely quite tiring, especially when you are moving not just your personal stuffs but that of your family’s as well.  Nevertheless, once you have managed to settle in your new place of residence, soon enough you will get to experience the charms and glamour of this city and why life and lifestyle here are the envy of many.

If you are moving to Calgary because of employment reasons, then you should consider yourself fortunate as the workforce they have here are of the indomitable and superior kind.  Getting hired under such high regulations on labor force only goes to show that you have the capacity and capability that the employers here are looking for.

Of course, moving into a new city means you will need to learn and adapt to the means and ways of the people.  One of the best ways in getting to know how the locals here tick is by learning and visiting some of their entertainment venues and events.  Doing this will not only give you a glimpse on what the people of Calgary find entertaining, but inevitably you too will get to be entertained by the many entertainment places and events that our beloved city Calgary entertainment has.  There are entertainment places that caters to the whole family, there are ones that caters to more mature audiences, and there are ones that simply provides you with pure entertainment laughter that will surely brighten the day of anyone who comes there for a visit.

Here is a brief listing of some of the entertainment places and events you can find in Calgary:

Art Galleries – if you are into fine art or something that comes in the way of being considered an art, you will find that there are quite a number of public and private galleries located in the downtown core of Downtown Calgary.

Glenbow Museum – if you are into relics of the past that are nobly displayed in grand structures for us to mesmerize and be amazed of the artifacts and people of time gone by, then you will surely have a great time at the Glenbow Museum.  Exhibitions and programs are available for visitors of all ages.  The place has over 93,000 square feet of museum space and possesses an extensive collections of museum pieces.

Live Theater – the Alberta Theater Project is the grandest theater show in all of Calgary.  If you are into live theater performance, you will surely enjoy the many shows and programs that they have on show here.

Calgary Stampede – one of the biggest events that take place in summer, this ten-day event showcases Calgary’s love for cowboy and rodeo and anything related to it.  Held during the month of July, the Calgary Stampede is an entertainment event that gets nearly the whole city into the vibe of the event.